Monday, January 20, 2014

Net Worth Commerce TV Discovers People In Your City

There are people in your city you have not met yet who make your city grow. Who are these hard-working, dedicated employees? What do they do? How do they do it? Economic development leaders take complaints from citizens about the lack of progress in their area. They work with other city leaders to get things done. Are there too many pot holes on Main Street? Why is the vacant lot not used for more business? Net Worth Commerce TV takes a look at the leaders of economic development and how they gettheir jobs done in a struggling economy.

   Net Worth Commerce TV

Economic development leaders make your city grow.    The informative program is hosted by NFL star Terry Bradshaw, one of the most respected sports personalities in the nation. The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback spent 14 years in professional football before he retied. Since then, he has made many accomplishments in many different fields. Bradshaw is a published author, has acted in featured films and on television and is currently a co-host of a favorite football pregame show. Net Worth Commerce TV  is pleased he narrates our program.   Learn more about America’s favorite sports show host Terry Bradshaw, check the broadcast schedule and watch sample videos on It films in the US and is distributed on national and regional cable television networks.

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