Friday, December 27, 2013

Net Worth Commerce TV Reports on Consumer Complaints

Net Worth Commerce TV Reports on Consumer Complaints Ranging from Bad Car Deals to Landlord Disputes

The Consumer Federation of America released a list of the top 10 complaints they get for the year. It comes as no surprise that bad car deals and landlord disputes made the list. Net Worth Commerce TV reviews the list and asks what tops your list of consumer complaints?

The Top Ten Consumer Gripes

American consumers know when they are being fleeced. They will find the right agency to report the business to and hope that something good comes of it. Below is a list of the top consumer complaints that the above agency received in the last year. The Net Worth Commerce TV show asks if you have any consumer problems in the last year.

1. Cars – Sales was a common gripe for people who bought a car they believed was good and was really a lemon. Expensive repairs done to autos after which the auto did not run as well. Towing and towing charges is rather new but not to areas where tow trucks are given carte blanche.
2. Home Improvement/Construction – Is it no wonder services like Angie’s List and Home Pro have come to the rescue of people who were cheated of a deposit for home repair or had shoddy work done?
3. Credit/Debit: The biggest complaints were for billing and fee disputes, bad mortgage deals, debt collectors not following state rules.
4. Utilities – Not surprising that cable and satellite services made the list with billing and viewing complaints. Cell phone carriers also made the list.
5. Retail Sales – Consumers complained about bad rebate programs, dry cleaners that ruined clothes, and problems with gift cards.
6. Services – Specifically, moving and legal services.
7. Home Solicitations – Problems with false advertising, misleading sales and non-delivery of something bought by someone who came to the door. Aluminum siding sellers targeting the elderly is big one.
8. Landlord/Tenant – Tenants complained about illegal eviction procedures, non-working toilets and no refund of a security deposit.
9. Internet Sales – It is good to know that most of the time we can order online and not worry about high charges on debit and credit statements. But there was some griping about this and also about fake magazine sales and others.
10. Household Goods — Problems with appliances topped the list.

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